Below are some Recommendations From customers and colleagues.

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Judge Steve Teske, Chair of the School Pathways Project of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

“Simply put, John is outstanding. I truly enjoy working with John. His knowledge and skills around the cross-sector work involved in diverting kids from the justice system is first rate… John brings a unique set of diverse skills from the different disciplines of education, mental health, and justice to bring about positive systems change to help young people. He is a true leader in the area of school-based law enforcement making sure schools and law enforcement agencies are clear about the roles of SROs. He is superb at something that is essential to make change in our communities—relationship building, and one of the most highly skilled facilitators I have had the pleasure of working with. It has been a real pleasure observing him in action facilitating diverse stakeholder groups in communities and bringing them to agreement on difficult issues confronting communities in school discipline matters and the most effective ways to address discipline with the focus of improving graduation rates and reducing delinquency. Others similarly situated would do well emulating John's qualities and characteristics.”

Shawn Marsh, Director of Judicial Studies and Associate Professor of Communication Studies / Social Psychology at University of NV, Reno

“I can think of few people as qualified as John to work so adeptly across the different disciplines of education, mental health, and justice to bring about positive systems change to help our young people. John brings an extraordinary and unique background, as well as passion to the issues of prevention partnerships. He is a master at relationship building, highly skilled in facilitating partnerships to produce results, and brings an incredibly broad understanding of challenges that face youth today, including the school-to-prison pipeline, school-law enforcement partnerships, the importance of mental health to positive youth development, and information sharing, to name a few.”

Tom Zugibe, Rockland County, NY District Attorney

“John has demonstrated tremendous skill and insight in leading our agency directors through the process of collaboration that results in real change. Based on his national leadership of Navigating Information Sharing we hired John to lead our collaborative in addressing violence prevention and other issues facing our County. His dedication and passion, coupled with a tremendous breadth of knowledge of so many disciplines has gotten us to a place we couldn't have gotten to by ourselves, including a better understanding laws and practices involving youth in multiple systems. I strongly recommend John for his ability to draw on his extensive background in violence prevention and safe schools to help communities become safer and healthier places.”

 Justice Bobbe Bridge, President/CEO of the Center for Children and Youth Justice, Seattle, WA

"I have worked with John in several capacities: Side-by-side as TA colleagues, team training, and hiring him to develop customized training for our school-based law enforcement partnership. I am amazed at his breadth of knowledge and the ease at which he works with disciplines that can be quite different and challenging, whether they be law enforcement, school leaders, judges, or various services providers. I think that comfort comes from his deep experience with each of those disciplines, as well as his passion and skill to make things better for youth by bringing those partners together. In short, John's TA skills are top notch because he figures out where people are, and works astutely to get them where they need to be. He is a bold and innovative trainer who puts in the time to customize training to achieve results. He is extremely easy to work with, and delivers beyond expectation. Finally, he deeply cares about making our communities safer and healthier, and has been successful in that endeavor."